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In 2019 we will be accepting Active Kids and Creative Kids vouchers. That means you can redeem $200 worth of dance class fees if you chose to redeem both vouchers with us! The vouchers can be used for fees only and cannot be redeemed for registration costs.


This year Articulate Dance Studio will continue to be involved in the Blacktown Council performances/festivals. Articulate has danced at a variety of council events over the past 7 years and look forward to their 2019 events. Many of our solo and duo students will compete at multiple eisteddfods across Sydney and we would like to wish them all the best for the 2019 eisteddfod season.
Preparations are already underway for our 2019 end of year concert!!!!

'Student of the Year' for 2018 is Amber! Congratulations Amber - your 'never give up' attitude and commitment to dance really showed in 2018.  Looking forward to your solo at our 2019 concert. Well done. 

'Most Improved' for 2018 is Hannah! Congratulations Hannah. You improved so much this year, especially with your confidence. All of your teachers noticed how much you developed this year! We are excited for your performance at our 2019 annual concert. Well done.

Junior Examination student award 2018

Following the success of our exams and results in 2018, we introduced an award to acknowledge the highest scoring Junior exam student. This year, the winner was Hannah! Hannah completed both her Jazz and Ballet exams through the A.T.O.D and her feedback was exceptional. Congratulations Hannah.

Senior Examination Student award 2018

We also had a Senior exam student recipient, who in 2018 was Carlie. Carlie completed her Jazz, Tap and Ballet exams and was also the recipient of our Triple Crown Award in 2018. Carlie received the highest results in all 3 of her exams and achieved Honours for her Jazz exam. An excellent effort - well done Carlie

A.T.O.D Examinations in 2018:

In 2018 we had 9 students successfully complete their Ballet exams with the A.T.O.D in Test 1, Test 2, Test 3 and Silver Star levels. 
We introduced Jazz exams for the first time and had 14 students successfully complete these in Test 1, Test 2, Bronze Medal and Silver Star Levels. A special mention must go to Briana Crowe, Carlie McLeod and Teghan McHugh who all received honours results in their Jazz exams.

Glenn Wood Tap Examinations in 2018:

In 2018 we had 9 students complete their Glenn Wood Tap examinations across levels 2, 4, 8 and 10. 

Examination Triple Crown Award 2018

The following students received our 'Examination Triple Crown Award' in 2018 for completing all 3 of their dance exams (Jazz, Tap and Ballet): Chantelle Ackroyd, Taliyah Matecko, Teghan McHugh, Amber McLeod, Carlie McLeod and Ruby Riley

Latest Performances and Eisteddfods:

- Penrith Panthers Cheer Spectacular May 2018

- West Tigers Cheer Spectacular (ANZ stadium) May 2018

- Blacktown Festival May 2018

- The City of Penrith Eisteddfod July 2017

- Tregear Festival August 2018

- Bidwill Festival September 2018

- Dance Classique Eisteddfod July/August 2018

- Step Up to the Beat Eisteddfod October 2018

- Energy Express Eisteddfod April 2018

2018 Private Lesson Showcase

In 2018 lots of exciting things happened for our studio, including the introduction of a Private Lesson Showcase. The showcase was introduced due to popular demand of private lessons and as such the need for a separate performance opportunity for these students arose.